Good Afternoon, I write this in the hopes that this is reblogged and seen by all parties it pertains to. You’re a coward, who feels the thrill if empowerment through a social network but ultimately has no voice in the world outside of what you can type with your fingers, how else do you have the audacity to talk your shit anon, rather than come off private and say it or say it in person. Today you’ve caught my wrath and it’s never in the spirit of anger or revenge but just detest, I detest your weakness. You’re the type of weak that sits at the bottom of the earth hiding from predators but ultimately finds no escape and is left out in the own with your fears and the predators you try to out maneuver. You will be consumed and your life will cease to have true purpose and all that’s left for your life is the criticism of everything you are and aren’t. To tell someone to kill themselves is a escape from reality that’s childish. I want you to live and live everyday with hate and sorrow until there’s nothing left but a shell. There is no weakness here and no one needed there ass helped up by anyone. Get your life together before you weigh In on anyone else. That band hall won’t protect you forever… - Soul


u don’t know what ppl are capable of even the ones you cool around wit why I stay to the lowest of keys

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